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  1. Biggest Search Events of 2011 & Predictions for 2012

    The Microsoft-Yahoo Search Alliance gave Microsoft direct access to some of Yahoo's search technologies as part of a 10-year licensing deal. Research agency Sparkler found that 51 percent of all tablet use occurs while the owner is watching TV.

  2. 10 Reasons Why You Can't Miss #SESNY

    And SES New York is a prime example of just how we're adapting our agenda to the new techniques and technologies available to online marketers across the board. And this year at SES New York you can add to it the phrase "big-brain" as Duncan Watts...

  3.'s 6Sense Technology Fuels Innovation in Job Search

    Monster is a very early example in this search revolution," said Susan Feldman, Research Vice President for Search and Discovery Technologies, IDC. Monster is using patented search technology they've dubbed 6Sense to fuel these new job search...

  4. Internet TV: What Do Users Want?

    But many of today's early web TV services are focusing too heavily on what they perceive as hot internet technologies such as widgets. Our research suggests these are a low priority for many consumers; instead developers should focus on bringing TV...