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  1. How to Find a PPC Niche & Attract Customers

    There is the wizard, who speaks to the hesitant visionary; the magician, who appeals to the engineer and technician; and the grizzled veteran, who attracts the young warrior. In search marketing, you often have a lot more control over those factors...

  2. How B2B Search Engine Marketers Can Better Impact the B2B Buying Process

    In contrast, the technician out in the field will tend to be more interested in a brief set of specs, to make sure they have the right part for the job. Key findings from the benchmark report, for B2B search engine marketers to consider, include:

  3. Comcast's CGM Nightmare

    The latest example: A Comcast Technician Sleeping on my Couch. The video posted on YouTube of, you guessed it -- a Comcast technician who fell asleep on a customer's couch during a service call -- has gotten 320,967 views as of this posting.

  4. Google Hiring Google Audio Employees

    Garett lists the job openings as Customer Support Technician, Senior Sales Technical Support, Provisioning Manager, Media Account Manager, Business Analyst, Account Executive. Garett Rogers reports that Google has posted several jobs openings...