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  1. Google Moderator on YouTube Enables Real-Time Feedback from Your Audience

    Google Moderator on YouTube enables real-time feedback from your audience (Olivia/YouTube Blog) ( Moderator is a social platform that allows you to solicit ideas or questions on any topic, and have the community vote the best ones up...

  2. New Products, Services and Research Announced at SES New York 2010

    Google AdWords Search Funnels Launched: See All The Keywords That Led To Conversions (Barry Schwartz/Search Engine Land) ( Google Says New 'Search Funnel' Will Help Entice Brand Advertisers (David Kaplan/paidContent) (

  3. Would You Go Swimming with Sharks or Go Jump in a Lake for Google Fiber?

    Next steps for our experimental fiber network (James Kelly/The Official Google Blog) ( More than 190,000 individuals and 600 communities submitted applications. Since Google announced its plans to build experimental, ultra high-speed...

  4. Peter Norvig offers an insider's look at Google Research during SMX West

    Google Research head dubs holy PageRank 'over-hyped' (Cade Metz/The Register) ( Image via Wikipedia Before joining Google in 2002, Norvig was the head of the Computational Sciences Division at NASA Ames Research Center, which means he...

  5. Google Will Be Only Seller Of Nexus One Gphone

    T-Mobile "Officially" Confirms Google Phone (David/TmoNews) ( The Nexus One aka Gphone will only be sold by Google when it is offered to the public next month, according to T Mobile. The two companies will share support for the phone...

  6. SearchDay | President 2.0

    Think of it as the Techmeme for deals on the web, with a Google custom search engine to boot. Today's Top Story: ErikQualman President 2.0 BRAND EQUITY In the same way JFK benefitted from the emerging medium of television, Barack Obama was helped...

  7. SearchDay | Charity Events: Search With a Cause

    Google Blog Search Redesigns as Meme Tracker Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 3, 2008 Google Blog Search has redesigned and added meme trackers like Techmeme and Megite on the front pages of several categories and the homepage itself.