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  1. Matt Cutts Says 'Stop' Guest Blogging for SEO: Here's Everything You Need to Know

    Cutts turned it around into a teaching moment to say that those webmasters who can't distinguish quality guest blogs and those that aren't should avoid guest blogging entirely. We've been seeing the writing on the wall for quite some time when it...

  2. Machine Learning Basics for Better Content & SEO Results

    If not, it'll be helpful to any SEO or content writer to understand.because they're the ones that'll be doing a lot of the teaching. We've all heard the terms "machine learning" and "learning algorithms", but how much do you really understand about...

  3. Gamification in Marketing: Lessons from the Khan Academy Website

    You’re probably not teaching math. In 2011, my family and I spent a year in a remote region of South Africa. My children homeschooled and I was nervous about being their math teacher, until we discovered

  4. The Dirty Lawsuit Could be First of its Kind in Reputation Management

    Jones pleaded no contest in October 2012 to having a sexual relationship with 17-year-old student Cody York at Dixie Heights High School while she was teaching there. A new retrial of Sarah Jones vs. Dirty World Entertainment Recordings, LLC is of...

  5. Insights From 7th Graders About Google, Smartphones, Panda, Privacy & Paid Search

    Thanks again for teaching us. It was an amazing experience, and the students asked some outstanding questions, while also providing some extremely valuable feedback. A few weeks after my presentation, I received a stack of thank you letters from...

  6. Social PR Tips to Get Fit for 2013 Digital Marketing

    You still get the visit, but in addition to the visit you are getting a powerful signal to Google that you should rank for terms related to your brand, and you are teaching users to repeat that searching behavior,” Woods said.

  7. Google Paints a Happy Little Bob Ross Birthday Doodle

    “The Joy of Painting” TV show host Bob Ross is celebrated on Google’s homepage today with a Google Doodle paying tribute to the artist known for teaching PBS viewers to paint landscapes, including mountains surrounded by happy little clouds and...