SEO News


  1. Rise of the New School SEO Professional

    Site audits should address the underlying content structures (meta data, value lists, controlled vocabularies, taxonomies) that support dynamic content sites and great SEO. Opportunities from content marketing to GPS, local, and mobile optimization...

  2. Clear and present danger

    And taxonomies are important. In other words, let’s spend a few minutes on the intersection of risk and integrity. One of the most overused words of the fiscal crisis is ‘transparency’. The other is ‘sustainability’.

  3. Social Search Gets Going

    Some publishers understand they have multiple communities and they make work very hard trying to gauge them and define them through site taxonomies. The social graph has brought new meaning to social search and marketing.

  4. Newsweek Talks Tagging

    Whereas the old, Dewey-style taxonomies involved graybeards figuring out in advance how things should be categorized, tagging is done on the fly, adapting to the content itself. In the article: In the New Game of Tag, All of Us Are It, Newsweek's...

  5. Special Search Tools Roundup

    Quiver has a mixed manual and automated classification workflow system, allowing editorial staff to adjust taxonomies and document categorization for best results.iPlanet Search Security Flaw http...