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Taxable Income

  1. Capital gains tax reprieve cheers investors amid budget gloom

    The 10% increase to 28% is relatively good news for investors, given rumours that CGT would be brought into line with higher income tax rates of 40% and 50%. Most middle income investors won't be affected and that's what is important here," says...

  2. Flexibility and tax dominate structure

    Bearing in mind the international nature of the fund, double-taxation treaties are crucial in determining how a particular income from the fund is to be treated in another jurisdiction,” says Zerafa, agreeing with his colleagues at Lovells.

  3. Tax concerns remain top of the agenda

    Investors will want to know, for example, whether a fund will derive trading income as it may create a taxable receipt for a tax-exempt entity, as opposed to capital gain or investment income receipt which may be exempt from taxation for the same...