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Targeting Demographic Bidding

  1. Facebook Mobile App Install Ads: Optimize Beyond Clicks to Drive Higher ROI

    Facebook's Mobile Install ads offer flexible targeting options including demographic, geographic, connections, offline buying behavior, and CRM data. An advertiser looking to promote a mobile app simply has to select targeting parameters and add an...

  2. Google AdWords for Video Launches with Improved Targeting on YouTube

    Demographic Targeting - Google’s new all-in-one privacy policy for all Google accounts means that advertisers can now target video ads by age and gender across all Google properties. What used to be hosted separately as the YouTube Video Targeting...

  3. Back to School: Now That’s What I Call a PPC Strategy!

    Don’t Restrict Your Demographic Targeting By bidding more aggressively before summer, you can make sure potential customers see your paid search ads while they’re researching. Targeting for digital advertising is getting more and more powerful.

  4. The New Era of Travel Affiliate Marketing

    Social networking platforms are the ultimate test beds for increased behavioral targeting, as well as demographic and psychographic goldmines. The biggest change over the last several years has been the effort to reduce cannibalization by...