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  1. Writing Your Way to the Top of Search and Social Results

    Who are we writing for and targeting? Hiring nameless, faceless, anonymous writers from underground sources at $25 a pop is so yesterday. Poof! No more. Garbage in, garbage out. Today’s smart brands are putting their money where the return on...

  2. Secret Sauce LoMo Tips for More PPC Sales

    If the mobile game isn't new to you, consider upping your game for local targeting. Paid search marketers can gain a ton of insight from GMB to inform PPC targeting strategy on AdWords, particularly for mobile campaigns.

  3. Introducing the Local Marketing Adoption Curve

    When you are running, your local marketing efforts should be getting more sophisticated through the use of hyper-local paid search and paid social targeting DMAs and other defined demographics. Today, marketers must ensure their brands are visible...

  4. Cross-Device Measurement: Believe the Hype

    When targeting consumers across devices, it is important to evaluate whether the right mix of channels and devices are being applied to the right marketing goals. Facebook recently commissioned a study that showed multiple devices are now an...

  5. "Content Performance Marketing" – 3 Steps to Future Success

    Here are five tips for targeting demand as part of a content performance strategy: Targeting demand is simply not enough to achieve content performance marketing; you also need to optimize your content to gain that visibility where your audience is.

  6. 4 Tools and Tips That Will Help You Be a More Analytical Marketer

    Analyze your key landing pages for the keyword you’re targeting and start by making changes to things marked as "easy fixes" or "critical. As digital marketers we’re far past the point of relying on our gut when it comes to decision-making.

  7. Why Retailers Should Start Their Pay-Per-Click Christmas Campaigns Now

    They can also find out what their competitors are targeting to ensure they lead the charge for Christmas. Hard to believe? Take a look at U.K.department store Selfridges, which last year opened the doors to its festive shop in August with the aim...