SEO News


  1. Google Expands Global Presence in Asia, London, Dublin

    Google is establishing a stronger international presence with the purchase of land for data centers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Ireland. The data centers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore are the first three Google-owned data centers in...

  2. Asia Search Update: Yahoo Algo Transition Goes to India, Google Eyes Southeast Asia

    It is unclear how Yahoo’s algorithm transition will impact organic search results for Chinese speaking cities such as Hong Kong and Taiwan where Yahoo search continues to dominate. While the global search alliance between Yahoo and Microsoft has...

  3. Macy’ Demonstrate Ways to #Fail with Your Country Selector

    I chose my shipping destination as Taiwan and my currency as the Hungarian Forint, the site worked fine showing me prices in Forints even though it was irrelevant. It was one of those car wreck moments, where you know you don’t have the time or...

  4. Google Celebrating Children and Children's Stories With Doodles Worldwide

    Interestingly enough, Google used this exact same Doodle a few weeks ago in celebration of Children's Day in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Google Doodle logos are popping up in various Google sites around the world.