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  1. Don't Overlook Local Search Opportunities

    This means understanding local search behavior whether it is "New York City coffee shops" or "Greenwich Village coffee houses"; or "Minneapolis tailors" or "Twin Cities alterations. I wasn't always in SEO.

  2. Google Rankings Depend On Data Center, Geographic Location & Personalization

    Geographic Location: Some times, Google tailors the results to your location. Aaron Wall has a nice write up on the different ways one searcher can see one set up results, compared to a different search seeing a different set up results, all for...

  3. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    Yahoo Tailors Graphical Ads to Users' Search Queries. I just can't take on a client that doesn't know what they are doing or has a terrible model. I want them to succeed and if I can't see a way to help them succeed, I just can't throw my time and...