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  1. Don't Overlook Local Search Opportunities

    This means understanding local search behavior whether it is "New York City coffee shops" or "Greenwich Village coffee houses"; or "Minneapolis tailors" or "Twin Cities alterations. I wasn't always in SEO.

  2. Google Rankings Depend On Data Center, Geographic Location & Personalization

    Geographic Location: Some times, Google tailors the results to your location. Aaron Wall has a nice write up on the different ways one searcher can see one set up results, compared to a different search seeing a different set up results, all for...

  3. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    Yahoo Tailors Graphical Ads to Users' Search Queries. I just can't take on a client that doesn't know what they are doing or has a terrible model. I want them to succeed and if I can't see a way to help them succeed, I just can't throw my time and...

  4. Yahoo Using Search Profile To Trigger Banner Ads Over Time

    The PC World article, Yahoo Tailors Graphical Ads to Users' Search Queries, discusses changes to Yahoo's "Impulse" advertising program. Yahoo captures a user's query terms and categorizes them. For example, a user who searches for the term "credit...