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  1. SearchDay | The Organic and Paid Balancing Act

    Is keyword tags totally irrelvant ? Is it worth my time to fill the keyword tags ? Will filling keywords cause me more problem than to NOT have keywords tags at . News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

  2. SearchDay: Search Engine Optimization: Back to Basics

    hl=en&q=singapore+Corporate+Gifts+&btnG=Google+Search 1st postion is 2nd position is i can understand y singaporecorporategifts should be first one since i saw their title, meta tags and so .

  3. American Express Advises Clients to Avoid SEO

    In the site clinic SEW Expert Mark Jackson points out that although they have decent title tags the content is in Flash so it does not support the tags. Interesting that an American Express Web site was the subject of a Search Engine Watch Experts...

  4. The Search Engine Update - Number 230 - October 4, 2006

    Get 20 Years For Meta Tag Abuse - A new law in the US might land some people using meta tags in trouble, if they are trying to mislead children. It is available only to Search Engine Watch members. The Search Engine Update is only available to paid...

  5. Daily SearchCast, June 14, 2006: MySpace To Auction Search Traffic; Google Picasa Gets Photo Sharing; NY State Says Shame On Google Video; Is That Google Earth In My Coffee Table? & More!

    Index with NoIndex Meta Tags. If you have examples of this in action, please let us know by starting a thread in our Google Web Search Forum at Search Engine Watch I reported at the Search Engine Roundtable that Displaying Pages in