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  1. Making the Most of Search Engine Copywriting

    Be sure you're using the NOODP tag so they don't pull the description from DMOZ. How you deliver the information you're enticing people to read and click on is paramount to garnering a good following, good conversions, and good karma in the online...

  2. Specialty Search Roundup #7

    Yesterday, I posted about the new NOODP tag from Google. Another week and another set of specialty databases and research tools that were posted on ResourceShelf during the past week or so. Art Museums: A Collection of Searchable Databases

  3. "Gnomedex 2002" On Google Shows Again The Need For Webmaster Control Over Titles & Descriptions

    And here's MSN, birthplace of the noodp meta tag you can use to prevent this type of stuff happening. So a noodp tag would be useful to help things there -- plus perhaps a noyahoo tag as well. As I said, a good first move would be for all the...