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  1. Conversion Rates & The Value Of Outsourcing SEM/SEO

    I recently got my hands on Marketing Sherpa's newly released Landing Page Handbook. One of the things that jumped out at me was a table of conversion rate averages for different marketing tactics. Marketing activities are the engine of growth for a...

  2. We Like ‘Em Both

    Both SEO and SEM are equally effective online tactics, according to nearly 2,500 marketers surveyed by Marketing Sherpa. While that trust in search optimization and marketing is commendable, it supports what we already know about the value of...

  3. A Buyer's Guide to Paid Search Advertising Agencies

    Firms specializing in paid search campaigns generally come from three backgrounds, according to The Buyer's Guide to Paid Search Advertising (PPC) Agencies from Marketing Sherpa. Marketing Sherpa distributed a 172 point questionnaire to nominated...

  4. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    Marketing Sherpa Sep 30 2004 9:07PM GMT Marketing Tactics with Shopping Search Engines Search Engine Watch Forums Marketing Tactics with Shopping Search Engines PPC [Pay Per Click” And Affiliate Marketing, Will It Last?

  5. Delving Deep Inside the Searcher's Mind

    Marketing Sherpa Sep 13 2004 7:19PM GMT Search Marketing Tactics Vintage Tub & Bath Uses to Make $8 Million. Hotchkiss argued that comprehending how a customer thinks is crucial -- and understanding searcher behavior and motivations will...