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Tab Placement Performance

  1. Are You Losing Money to Microsoft adCenter's Syndicated Search Partners?

    In your adCenter account, go to the Reports tab. On first blush, this report looks like a Placement Performance report for the Content Network, but it really isn't. Depending on the performance of your account (or the period of time you choose for...

  2. Search Ad Quality Score 101, Part 1

    In Google, your quality score can be found in the Ad Group level and in "keywords" tab. A great quality score will net you a low minimum bid and higher ad placement. If you've had poor performance historically, then it may take some good...

  3. Tips for Google Site and Category Exclusion Tool

    Let's turn now to the Page Types tab: click to enlarge The tool is not infallible -- so continue to run Placement performance reports and use the Site Exclusion tool to opt out of poorly-performing sites/pages.

  4. The Search Engine Update - Number 162 - Dec. 2, 2003

    Behind the scenes, search engines will one day automatically push the correct tab for your query and retrieve specialized search results. Now the LookSmart site has gained an "Articles" tab to alert those visiting LookSmart itself that article...