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  1. Recharge Your PPC Profitability: 5 Ways to Diagnose & Treat a Paid Search Slump

    It could be symptomatic of a bigger issue such as an online reputation problem or an uncompetitive offer. Core KPIs just fluctuate without a seeming trend, profits slump and it becomes an uphill battle simply to return to the base numbers of the past.

  2. Google Crisis Response: From Search Engine to Information Provider

    Symptomatic of renewed confidence and direction is the change in name to one the team the search industry looks most towards - namely Matt Cutt's team is no longer called Search Quality and is now called Knowledge.

  3. Human-flesh Search Engines Unearth Dark Side of Online Community

    One woman who survived the 2008 earthquake, wrote on her blog immediately after it struck, expressing really mixed up emotions symptomatic of trauma. In the article he discussed a phenomenon that has being going on in China (and other parts of Asia...

  4. Liquidity goes down the drain

    He views the heightened correlation between asset classes as symptomatic of the overlap in exposures between multiple investors and intermediaries. There are various theories on how to incorporate liquidity risk within a standard risk model like...