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  1. Panda 4.0 Help: Google Clarifies Tremors, 3 Analogies for Diagnosing Hits

    The waiter, who you see through the hole in the swinging traffic doors mentioned above, puts the final touches on your dish and approaches the table. There’s a hole in the ceiling, the pictures on the walls are slightly off-kilter, there are a few...

  2. SEO Game Change: Are You Setting the Right Expectations?

    So when I did make contact, in what I guess you'd call a swinging bunt, everyone was really surprised and happy. Maybe there's an analogy here about everyone playing their own position or a parallel between teamwork in a game and teamwork in SEO.

  3. Wachovia takeover dents Wells Fargo Q4 balance sheet

    Its acquisition of Wachovia, which was completed on December 31, also affected results, swinging to a $11.17 billion loss in the quarter. Hampered by its move to bolster credit loss reserves, Wells Fargo registered a $2.55 billion loss in the...

  4. Asian airlines' fuel-hedging losses down to collar strategies

    Swinging volatility continued in the first two weeks of January, with the price leaping from around $39 on January 1 to above $50 on January 6 and back down to $43 by January 12. News A major contributor to the large fuel-hedging losses suffered by...