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  1. Google Pays $7 Million to Settle Street View Snooping Case

    Authorities called on the company to come forward and explain its actions in collecting Wi-Fi data during its maps surveying trips across the EU. Google has reached a settlement which would end the firm's long-running data harvesting case in the U.S.

  2. Search vs. Social: The 50 Shades of Gray in Online Information Retrieval

    Surveying How Users Retrieve Information Online Facebook is reportedly working on vastly improving what has long been poor search functionality on their ubiquitous social network. Even given the $15 billion dollars at stake in search advertising...

  3. Uncovering Site Problems for Landing Page Optimization, Part 2

    Several easy Web-based and telephone surveying methods and companies are available. Today, we'll continue the discussion with some additional techniques to find conversion issues, including onsite search, usability testing, focus groups, and surveys.

  4. How to Measure Customer Satisfaction with Web Analytics

    Traditional marketers know the power of surveying their customers. People tend to think of Web analytics tools as applications that provide them with numbers like unique visitors and page views. More advanced analytics users begin to segment their...

  5. Yahoo Surveying Web Searchers

    Michel from El Telendro dropped me a note about a survey that Yahoo is asking random web search users to complete about the My Web beta. People who complete the survey are offered a chance to win $1000 in a monthly Yahoo sweepstakes.