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  1. Mother's Day in 2011: Give Some Thought To Baby-boomers Divided by Digital

    Given how much we love it now, would we want to feel isolated from our kids in 20 years simply because interfaces were not designed with silver surfers in mind? You might be have a special day planned for your Mom, or, if not, today is the day you...

  2. Writing Sales Copy For Conversions, Part 2

    Most Internet surfers are constantly subjected to a barrage of promotional messages and advertising. In part one of "Writing Sales Copy for Conversions," I covered the structure of effective writing. Today, I'll focus on the other key elements...

  3. Coherency in Landing Page Testing

    It's clear to most Internet surfers within a split second of clicking on a link whether the destination page has coherency. One often-ignored aspect of landing page testing is coherency. Coherency is an overall sense of your design "hanging together.

  4. Google Launches Mobile Image Ads

    Contextual targeting will be used to place the ads and they hope that only one ad per page will be acceptable to mobile web surfers. Google has announced the addition of images to their mobile ad service.