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Supply Demand

  1. Risk premium strategies favoured over beta commodity indexes

    The macro picture for commodities – with excess oil supply, uncertain demand and fundamentals reasserting within individual commodities – has taken a toll on the appetite for broad-based commodity indexes, leaving investors looking for yield more...

  2. Evolution in Digital Marketing Skill Sets

    This complexity makes the skills necessary to manage and interpret the software critical, and these skills are in demand and in short supply. Software packages such as those offered by Adobe, Marketo, and Eloqua are in high demand.

  3. US energy firms welcome CFTC tweaks to Dodd-Frank rules

    The full text of the CFTC's proposal was not immediately available, but the summary document states that, under the proposed rewriting of the seventh prong, contracts with embedded volumetric optionality would be considered exempt forwards if "the...

  4. The secrets of successful energy trading firms

    Cargill's new recruits are given thorough training on supply and demand fundamentals, which is a useful skill for any energy trader to have, says the senior commodity banker. They were the guys that really institutionalised supply and demand analysis.

  5. Asia needs regional securities depository within five years

    Instead the supply of G-3 securities is sufficient to meet current demand. While current levels of G-3 currency collateral are sufficient to meet the requirements of moving over-the-counter derivatives to central clearing, demand for local currency...

  6. 25 banks fail ECB stress check on financial health

    According to our empirical analysis, the sluggishness in lending is not primarily attributable to a lack of supply, but rather to weak credit demand. Twenty-five eurozone banks failed stress tests designed to check their ability to endure another...

  7. 7 New YouTube Features for Partners, Content Creators You Might Have Missed

    Meanwhile, this temporary imbalance between supply and demand has made YouTube's TrueView video ads one of the best bargains available on the web over the past 15 months. This includes adding new charts in YouTube Analytics, a YouTube subscribe...

  8. 4 Opportunities to Successfully Optimize the Full Conversion Funnel

    On the supply side, or “on-site,” we most commonly look at the landing page and optimize accordingly to deliver maximized relevancy against specified keywords. Optimizing the “supply side” allows your campaigns to continue to grow and succeed.