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Summary Judgment

  1. 6 Predictions for 2013: Search Marketing & Big Data Analytics

    Today’s marketers need big data applications that leverage the search marketer’s knowledge, expertise and judgment while giving that search marketer scale and agility. Summary At the same time, the search ecosystem will continue to change rapidly...

  2. Obama vs. Romney: Search for Next President Reveals Astonishing Facts

    If this were the case, he would be passing his judgment indirectly but being critical nonetheless. Summary Nevertheless, there are masses of statistics that verify what we really do. When it comes to Internet searches and what we are most...

  3. YouTube-Viacom Copyright Lawsuit Resurrected by Appeals Court Ruling

    We conclude that the District Court correctly held that the safe harbor requires knowledge or awareness of specific infringing activity, but we vacate the order granting summary judgment because a reasonable jury could find that YouTube had actual...

  4. Assembling Your Landing Page Optimization Dream Team, Part 4

    At this point, you must often make a judgment call about whether the discrepancies are likely to significantly affect the outcome of the test. Summary Programmer Programmers are responsible for the functional aspects of your Web site.

  5. Blind Person Suing Target For No Alt Tags

    District Court for the Northern District of California also rejected Target's motion for summary judgment in the case, according to the ruling filed October 2. What started as a student suing this time last year, has now grown into a...