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  1. The Search Engine Report - Number 108

    Brin Comments On No Office Suite Plans, Not Producing Original Content for others, it's because you're doing other things). The relationship will begin with the optional inclusion (not yet available) of the Google Toolbar in upcoming downloads of...

  2. MSN Toolbar with Desktop Search Officially Launches

    MSN Toolbar Suite Requirements Overall, the final release of the MSN Toolbar Suite is a significant improvement over the beta versions I tested. MSN Toolbar Suite Download Although you must have the MSN Search Toolbar...

  3. MSN Deskbar Shortcuts

    msnsearch's WebLog alerts us to a new site loaded down with an constantly expanding list of shortcuts for the deskbar that comes with the MS Toolbar Suite beta. You'll find the page at:

  4. MSN Joins the Desktop Search Fray

    One potential drawback if you're already using another browser toolbar is that the Desktop search function is embedded within the overall MSN Toolbar Suite. MSN Desktop Search, available today as part of the MSN Toolbar Suite Beta, installs as both...