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  1. Lost and Found: How Top E-Commerce Brands Stack Up With Site Search

    A recent study by the Baymard Institute on how top e-commerce brands assist shoppers in their journey shows there's room for improvement. Given that autocompletion design, and logic will directly alter what most users search for, ensuring the high...

  2. Yandex: Queries Now Influence Search Results, Suggestions 'Within Seconds'

    Start thinking about the power of the user experience to assist us personally based on that retargeted data and I think Yandex is onto something. Now, we have added a search history of a few seconds to our search algorithm to deliver results and...

  3. Paid & Subscription-Based Keyword Research Tools

    Keyword research can be used to create a keyword map to assist in structuring your website in a keyword-rich way. Insight into what people are searching for in popular search engines is the cornerstone to a successful search engine marketing strategy.

  4. Yahoo Adds Search Assist to Image Search

    If you're not aware, Search Assist is Yahoo's technology that brings up search suggestions when you start typing in your search. Yahoo has added Search Assist to their image search. But Yahoo has added a second tier to Search Assist for Image Search.

  5. SearchDay | Yahoo's Next Move

    The feature is derived from technology that is used in Search Assist. The tool, dubbed Search-based keyword tool, takes a look at the site and makes suggestions for keywords that may be relevant to your paid search campaign.

  6. Who Audits the Auditor?

    To assist you with your SEO audit, I've developed an SEO Audit template. My friend was concerned about this auditor doing this, because there was a known history of spamming the search engines. Search Engine Reputation: What is your opinion of the...