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Subprime Lending

  1. Search and Community Track at SES San Jose: NACA's Save The Dream Tour

    That's one of the lessons I've already learned: You can't plan a search campaign and expect the community to wait to respond when you are ready -- especially if you are offering an answer to the huge subprime and predatory lending industry.

  2. A capital offence

    The pressures that caused the demise of most financial institutions did not relate to capital, and in the case of most banks that went under in the UK, not subprime-related lending either. Most retail lending and funding organisations have to...

  3. Refinancing risks cause jitters in Asia

    Analyst reports released in the past month paint a gloomy picture for corporates in non-Japan Asia, compared to the more positive assessment given to the region's major banks, which were not overly exposed to subprime-related securities or the...

  4. Structured squeeze

    Moody's expects that financial institutions' initiatives for risk management, driven by the global repercussions of the US subprime mortgage crisis, will energise the sector through 2008. The reasons for optimism included the stable ratings and...

  5. US reforms mean more bailouts and centralised power

    I think most Americans would prefer that government do our jobs, and that means doing everything possible to cauterise the subprime mess before performing major surgery on a regulatory system, parts of which are still very healthy," he said.

  6. US regulators tighten grip on mortgage lenders

    WASHINGTON, DC – US regulators have announced a toughening up of rules for mortgage brokers, lenders and credit agencies, to restore market confidence and eradicate the unscrupulous lending practices that triggered the subprime and credit crises...

  7. Profiting from divergence

    Having tracked US interest rates closely - three-month dollar Libor remained virtually unchanged at 11 basis points over the Fed funds rate for the first eight months of the year - Libor began to disengage in August, as the US subprime mortgage...

  8. Frank discussions on hard decisions

    A year since the true beginning of the subprime crisis bankers still can't agree what went wrong and what to do about it. The third option is to introduce controls on origination to prevent irresponsible lending.

  9. The liquidity link

    It might be worth revisiting the subject now in the wake of the global liquidity crisis, sparked by the crisis in the US subprime mortgage market. Courtesy of the US subprime meltdown, all three of the systemic liquidity risk drivers described...

  10. The Month in Review

    German public sector lender HSH Nordbank announced it was suing UBS over losses relating to subprime mortgage securities. This included $3.2 billion in derivative losses, a $2 billion increase in credit loss reserves and a $600 million writedown on...

  11. An industry in search of a silver bullet

    The initiative will apply to all borrowers, not just subprime. Proposals for reform over the longer term included tightening rules on predatory lending, addressing conflicts of interest at the rating agencies, and improving transparency and...

  12. Sovereign Wealth Saviours

    Citi has made two trips to the sovereign wealth fund ATM - once in late 2007 and again in mid-January - to raise cash to combat the effects of subprime-related losses. With further big subprime-related writedowns popping up - and the risk of the...