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Submitted Add Url Feature

  1. Blog SMO Guide: How to Apply Social Media Optimization to Your Blog in 33 Steps

    If you choose to feature related articles or other content before the comment form, consider including an "Add comment" call-to-action just after the article to help jump to comments. Feature social network widgets in the sidebar

  2. SearchDay | Yahoo's Next Move

    The feature is derived from technology that is used in Search Assist. While many sites add a little social here and a little mobile there, Citysearch is going for the three hottest trends all at once: Social, Local, Mobile.

  3. Optimizing Images for Search Engines

    Such information can be generated and submitted by the image creator, by site owner where the image resides, or by 3rd party reviewers. Adding to the list of Google advantages in this vertical is its 'Enhanced Image Search' feature, a new feature...

  4. How Overture (GoTo) Works

    You can always add more terms or modify existing ones, once your account has been enabled. You can also change the designated URL at any time. The company reviews all listings that are submitted for bids and claims to reject 25 percent of these for...

  5. How AltaVista Works

    AltaVista maintains an Add URL page that allows you to ensure that key pages from your web site are listed quickly within the index. Should you be unable to read the code, you can refresh the Add URL page to have a new one generated, which may be...