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Submission First Column

  1. Assessing the Success of Our Promotion

    Assigning a dollar value to a form submission is a little trickier than tracking how much product a promotion resulted in selling. One promotion was to vote on the best idea for the potential future of this column.

  2. SearchDay | My Wife, the Editor

    DMOZ removed from Google Webmaster Guidelines Oct 3, 2008 Google Webmaster Guidelines was updated today and "directory submission" is no longer included! as well as to other industry-specific expert sites.”

  3. Top SEO Firms Paid for by the Following...

    There has been a history of companies charging for "submission to 1,000 search engines" and calling that SEO. It was a press release (remember last week's column about optimizing press releases? I'm writing this column in the hopes that a few...

  4. Search Engine Results Chart

    For help in getting listed with a particular search provider, read the Essentials Of Search Engine Submission guide, for a step-by-step process to the basics of submitting to key players. Or, click on any of the chart links for submission help...