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  1. Google Starts Treating More Country-Code Top-Level Domains as Generic TLDs

    Finally, these country codes are the generic country code top-level domains (gccTLDs): ad .as .bz .cc .cd .co .dj .fm .io .la .me .ms .nu .sc .sr .su .tv .tk .ws It can sometimes be annoying when you're searching for a company’s website, only to...

  2. SearchDay | Economic Depression 2.0

    I have perform following tasks for this directory submission-2700 link exchange-100 social bookmarking and networking in 35 websites(including digg, SU, facebook,redit) forum posting-250 posting in 25 .

  3. Social Media Buzz Pocket Mining: The New Keyword Research

    This illustrates, at an overview level, what tags and sites are hot in SU. First, you'll note the SU users who are interested in chocolate. I'm active in SU and happen to love chocolate. Classic keyword research reveals search frequency and phrase...