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  1. Invest in This, Not That: A Competitive PPC Analysis Solution for the Holidays

    If we were to look and realize that our competitors introduced a certain product for the holidays such as the Angry Birds Plush (evidently stuffed, noise-making bird heads are the trend among young people these days), we would want to confirm if...

  2. How To Use HTML Meta Tags

    Or, if that's too radical for you to stomach, at least make sure you haven't stuffed 300 keywords in the hopes of higher search rankings. Want top search engine rankings? Just add meta tags and your website will magically rise to the top, right?

  3. Tasty Thanksgiving 2011 Searches: Deep Fried Turkey, Turducken & Pumpkin Pie

    In addition to deep fried turkey, turducken (a chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey) searches shot up and “healthy Thanksgiving recipe” search variations tripled year-over-year, according to Experian Hitwise.