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  1. Local Search Insights: What Are Consumers in Your Local Area Searching For?

    Or, read the full Q3 Local Insights Digital Report for full details and more graphics from this study. examined the difference between mobile and online search on the East and West coasts and found few differences between the two (see page 5...

  2. Multi-Touch Attribution Study Finds Organic Search Greatly Undervalued

    In the largest study of its kind, the SEO service company analyzed more than 23 million multiple-interaction conversions across 30 domains over a period of one year. SlingshotSEO’s research spanned sites in a number of industries, including Retail...

  3. Survey Finds 70% Of Car Buyers Search Web For Info, Few Use Social Media

    Over 70% use the web for research, though only 3% said they used information from social media for their buying decision, the Automotive Buyer Influence Study found. A recent survey by Polk and found that car buyers spend between 18...

  4. Study: Social Media's Hot, Entertainment's Not

    While the study found that people engaged in social media spend less time shopping, they are still avid consumers, spending an average of $101 a month online compared to $80 spent by those visiting social media sites, but not "contributing" content.