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  1. Mobile Marketing Session at SES New York and Mini MBA Program at Rutgers

    Now, if you want to check out the Rutgers Mobile Marketing Mini MBA Cours, Rutgers CMD will also be holding a Mobile Marketing Open House on Thursday, Feb.featuring Christina "CK" Kerley, an industry expert who will discuss how mastering mobile...

  2. College and Career Points

    And this is part of the regular MBA program, not an "extension," or "continuing education" class. Most impressively, Panos Ipeirotis wrote from the MBA program at Stern School of Business at New York University:

  3. Daily SearchCast, April 28, 2006: Is China Blocking Technorati Blog Search?; Yahoo Gets New Local Paid Listings; Changing Your AdWords Time Zone & More!

    Shoots Through the ranks to Second Most Desired Place For MBA Students To Work Today's search podcast reports of China blocking searches on Technorati; Yahoo's new flat-rate local listings for businesses; AdWords getting a one-time report time...

  4. Semel Speaks at Harvard

    Terry Semel spoke to MBA students at Harvard on September 20th. Yahoo CEO Describes Art of the Deal from HBS Working Knowledge has the story. Semel sheds some "behind the scenes" info about the Overture and Inktomi acquisitions.