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  1. The Perennial SEO Audit – Creating an Effective Framework for Keeping Your Campaign Running at Peak Performance

    Review meta tags and structured data markup Check for any duplicate content Check for duplicate meta tags, duplicate content on pages, incorrect canonical tags, or possible accidental duplicate content as a result of URL issues.minutes

  2. The Content Hack That Will Unlock 100 Years of Journalistic Tips for Your Digital Strategy

    This will then ensure your brainstorms remain structured and "on brand. Go ahead and give it a go yourself.and involve as many team members as possible to aid the understanding of the process and who your content should be targeting.

  3. 130 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Local Search Automation Tool

    How is the team that will be working with us structured? How does [VENDOR NAME] handle publishing content in multiple languages? Local Content How is the local content created and where is it stored? Who writes creates the content necessary to...

  4. Local SEO & Listing Management: A Blueprint for Multi-Location Brand Success

    If you're still unfamiliar with structured data, get yourself up to speed. Although structured data isn't a ranking factor (meaning all other things equal, you won't rank higher than a competitor based on schema alone), it enables the showcasing of...

  5. Google Starts Penalizing Sites for Rich Snippet Spam

    If you use rich snippets on your websites, you should be aware that Google is now penalizing websites for spamming structured data markup. But there was evidence that Google was attempting to educate webmasters on how to use it correctly when they...