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  1. 2 Mistakes That Cause Advertisers to Quit AdWords Just When They’re on the Verge of a Breakthrough

    So AdWords traffic can represent the perfect "stress test" for your business fundamentals – but only if you get the AdWords part right to begin with. But solving your AdWords problems will allow you to perform an accurate stress test on your...

  2. Consumer Packaged Goods Keyword Strategies Offer Lessons for All Paid Search Marketers

    Still other examples of this phenomenon include baby-friendly detergent Dreft sponsoring “baby shower” terms, chewing gum brand Eclipse sponsoring “stress management” terms and rum brand Bacardi sponsoring the term “zombie games,” apparently...

  3. Tips for Marketing a Sales Call & Free Sample

    When you offer the sales call, stress that you only do so many of these per week, or month. Tips for Marketing a Free Sample As Mahan Khalsa writes in “Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play”, “the way you sell is a free sample of the way you solve.

  4. How to Schedule Dayparting on Google AdWords

    Out of 168 hours in a week, Falcon Ridge discovered its 5 most profitable hours – and built a successful and mostly stress-free business out of that discovery. Last week, I looked at some research from Google into where and when people are using...

  5. CodeGuard Review: Free Cloud Site Backup

    CodeGuard takes that stress away - and here I have to hold back writing this like a love letter. If you have ever had your site hacked or mistakenly overwritten pages with bad code, CodeGuard may be just what you are looking for and its free.

  6. Link Building 101, Part 2

    First, I need to stress a very important point. Get your site listed there for free. Directory Critic is another great resource that focuses on providing comprehensive lists of directories both paid and free and includes a points rating.

  7. Writing Sales Copy For Conversions, Part 2

    This causes unnecessary stress and anxiety for visitors as they try to figure out the threat or opportunity presented by your button. You're missing an enormous opportunity by not creating a hype-free zone on your landing page.