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Strategies Building Ses Chicago 2008

  1. It's “Horses for Courses” at SES London 2009

    As SES Chicago 2008, I interviewed Andrew about the updates he made to his book, “Winning Results with Google Adwords. Byron Gordon of SEO-PR interviewed Thomas about the evolution of search ad tools during SES Chicago 2008.

  2. Just in time planning for SES Chicago 2008

    While Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2008 won't be held until December 8-12, if you register by tomorrow – Friday, can take advantage of the “recession special” and save up to $600. So, attendees of SES Chicago 2008 will need to make...

  3. Schedule optimization for SES New York

    As Bob Shirilla of Keepsakes Etc.told me at SES Chicago back in December, “I had a detailed game plan when I came to SES, but I'm calling a lot of audibles. I should disclose that Search Engine Strategies is now a client, but I've been writing...