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  1. Conquering Content Marketing, Step 3: Facing the 'Fans'

    In our story, Lisa is looking to achieve brand visibility, high engagement with her target demographic, and search engine optimization benefits. Now Back to Our Story . When Lisa stepped in for Don a few weeks ago, she suspended all marketing...

  2. How Video Site NDN is Driving 500 Million+ Video Views Per Month

    See the story by Lucia Moses in Adweek, "Video hungry newspapers let outsider play editor" . That's a large footprint in itself, but newspapers are only half the story. Also, our partners immediately looked to us for all categories of video, not...

  3. Integrated Marketing Checklist: Tying Together Your Promotion Across Platforms

    If your page has 500 likes or more, you can do a sponsored story within Facebook. The same goes with Twitter, Pinterest or other social media/networking sites. Social media is one of those areas. Press releases are tricky, because you want to...

  4. Facebook Ads 80% Bot Claim, Examined! Why You Shouldn’t Lose Faith Just Yet

    Facebook revealed, mere days after the Limited Run story, that they identified 83 million fake accounts. Limited Run’s allegations of Facebook ad traffic being 80 percent bots has made major news publications, from the New York Times to CNBC.

  5. Why Facebook Ad Haters Are Wrong – Here’s How Marketers Can Do Better

    The type of information the BBC reported is a prime example of the kind of harmful anecdotal story that winds its way through the digital world, grabbing catchy headlines, despite the very real lack of any kind of substance behind it.

  6. Reputation Management: PR vs. Search vs. China’s Water Army

    If Facebook were to try something similar in China (no, I’m not advocating smear campaigns would have been a different story. Facebook has been in the spotlight recently as news of the social network hiring PR firm Burson-Marsteller in an...

  7. SEO's Achilles' Heel: The Misdirected Attack on Search Engine Optimizers

    Before I go on, let me stop and say a couple of more important things: Aol, Aol Acquires Huffington Post, Aol Buys Huffington Post, Aol Buys Huffpo, Aol Huffington Post, Huffington Post, Huffington Post Aol, Huffington Post Aol Merger, Huffington...

  8. Deep Dive into Analytics: When Bounce Rate no Longer Floats your Boat - SES San Francisco

    The key is to start telling the story of a specific group of people, then break these out still further into smaller buckets. Social news Imelda is the E-Marketing Manager at Tektronix, responsible for global SEO, PPC and social media.