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Stop Me Now Google Pack

  1. A Few Lessons I Learned About Online Writers Down on the Content Farm

    But the great thing for content farms is that there are many more wannabe-writers waiting to replace the ones who pack up their toys and head home. Google’s Panda update seems to have taken away much of the incentive for this top-heavy business...

  2. SME Brand Strategy: SEM Tactics, Tips, and Tricks - Part 2

    That name must stand out from the pack and -- in today's search-driven world -- must be for sale. The LimitedToo online retail store buys the keyword "Webkinz" on Google. Having a great name that's catchy or whimsical makes people stop and take...

  3. Daily SearchCast, Jan. 10, 2006: Google Unveils Google Video Store & Google Pack At CES; Google Video Store Has Bumpy Launch; AOL Buys Truveo Video Search; Yahoo Buys Webjay; Search Engines As Content

    Google Pack download service at CES; Google Video Store having some troubles at launch; AOL gaining the Truveo video search service; Yahoo purchasing playlist sharing service Webjay; debate over whether search engines take more than they and more!

  4. Google Pack Offers 1-Stop Downloading Of Software

    Information on Google Pack already went live briefly on Google earlier today, but now the software bundling and updating system has been formally announced. An overview of the package is below, and a longer version of this post for Search...