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  1. Yahoo's Next Move

    Say what you will about Terry Semel, but he had the chops to get people going. Yahoo was arguably swirling the bowl before Yang took on the CEO role, and mark my words: a panicked board installing a doormat leader will have Yahoo stock trading by...

  2. Paid Search Advertising Drives Microsoft Bid for Yahoo

    Terry Semel's resignation from the Yahoo board last night removes the last vestiges of his controversial reign as Yahoo's chief. The Redmond giant finally went public with a formal buyout offer because the Yahoo board (sans Semel) won't fight back.

  3. Search Headlines & Links: October 18, 2006

    Terry Semel's, "While we're very excited about a number of things happening at That along with falling $1.14 billion short of Wall Streets expectations in revenues earned and a drop in net income by 37.5 percent, has sent Yahoo's stock downwards...

  4. People Search Engine, Zoom Info, Adds New Services and Features

    It lists Irene Rosenfeld and Charles Koch as Chairman and Chief Executive Officers along with Terry Semel (Yahoo's real CEO) Well, Ms. Here's the company page for Ask Jeeves but no mention of the acquisition by IAC and their new stock ticker.