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  1. Surviving skew

    The exotics trader says the market was very imbalanced, with few hedge funds willing to take the other side of dealer exposures. Let’s be realistic, May was not a good month and June wasn’t great either, but it is not like 2008 by any stretch of...

  2. Op risk managers need to turn on the charm

    When damaging op risk events occur, however, the benefits of having robust operational risk management are thrown into sharp relief, such as in the case of rogue trader Jérôme Kerviel, whose trial is ongoing.

  3. Dealing with funding on uncollateralised swaps

    If governments are sponsoring central clearing, it would seem perverse if they didn’t participate in it themselves,” says one London-based rates trader. You can’t ignore your existing stock business – you need to apply the same methodology to it.

  4. Avoiding dividend meltdown

    The simple capital-protected note – the stalwart of the structured products business – is definitely not going away, and it is hard to see the structured products business changing radically,” says one London-based equity derivatives trader.

  5. Tamalpais Global Partners Master Fund: Tamalpais Asset Management

    Rounding out the team are chief financial officer Darren Huber, trader Sean Winchester and operations manager Ted Schroeder. In 2005 the convertibles market suddenly came under pressure after the rating agencies downgraded General Motor's (GM) debt...

  6. Buy-side backlash

    IS gives us the ability to measure the costs of the trade from the moment it hits the desk through to completion, allowing us to evaluate the cost structure across the history of that trade from trader timing to market impact.

  7. Looking to beat the backlog

    The trader allegedly built up exposures to the Dow Jones Eurostoxx 50, Dax and FTSE 100 indexes using futures worth a notional amount of EUR49 billion, and masked his positions by concocting a portfolio of fictitious offsetting OTC trades.

  8. On the move

    Paul Defries, previously Hong Kong-based head of macro trading at commodity supply chain manager Noble Group, has joined JP Morgan in Singapore in a newly created position as a coal, emissions,and freight trader.

  9. The redundant trader

    For certain types of trader, a critical skill is being able to very rapidly read, interpret and act on news. For example, we have had instances where a company has announced earnings above expectations, but its stock price has still fallen by 5%.

  10. Online Reputation Management Requires Cabinet War Rooms

    News results and a photo of Societe Generale ranking #1 in Google for the term "rogue trader. Search Biz: Google Stock Hits New Low; News Corp Says No On Yahoo, Search Engine Land Addressing underlying issues and replacing negative content with...

  11. Altering approaches

    A butterfly spread option strategy is a multi-legged trade whereby the trader deals with options for four different trades at same expiration date for the same underlying product. While regional stock prices have tumbled this year, they have also...