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  1. Chic Engine Helps You Find That Dress You Saw on Pinterest

    This means that theoretically I could now take a photo of a fashion shoot in a magazine and zero in on the jacket to find similar items which are probably at a lower price. Even better, the ability for me to take a photo of what some crazy-cool...

  2. Google Commerce Search 3.0 Brings Big Brains to Smaller Shops

    Users will snap a photo of a product they like and compare prices with shops nearby and online, whilst in the store. Realtime Inventory Search: Users can see if an item is in stock in a nearby store. B) Real-time stock checking was launched by...

  3. SES Day 1 Keynote: David Meerman Scott [LIVE BLOG]

    IBM and Constant Contact both used the same stock photo of a bald dude with a laptop. Goes into an anecdotal story about using the photo about a real person. Talks about B&H Photo and Video. Henry Posner hangs out in photo forums - not to sell...

  4. Keep the Wave Going: Bing Unveils Streetside Imaging for Maps, New Toolbar and More

    Photosynths - integrating the photo technology into maps. Browse Plus - puts Bing to work, finding content, breaking news, sports scores, stock alerts, etc.while you browse. The updates involve Bing Maps, the Bing Mobile App and a new Bing Toolbar.