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  1. As Digital Ad Effectiveness Measurement Improves, Are Branding Ad Dollars Ready to Follow?

    TV has historically controlled the lion’s share of ad budgets, primarily because we have several decades of effectiveness research proving that the medium is very good at driving brand equity and in-market sales lift.

  2. Do, Know, Go: How to Create Content at Each Stage of the Buying Cycle

    So make sure that you pass link equity onto your key target pages when you’re being more creative with your writing. They remember your brand name and now they want to go back. That means that even if you’re not thinking about SEO, you still want...

  3. Social PR Tips to Get Fit for 2013 Digital Marketing

    Start building up content equity on a few great sites. You still get the visit, but in addition to the visit you are getting a powerful signal to Google that you should rank for terms related to your brand, and you are teaching users to repeat that...

  4. Modern Social Bookmarking – Not Your Older Brother’s Social Bookmark of Years Past

    Taking these factors into consideration will lead to more success and hopefully more viral sharing on other media, along with additional traffic and link equity for your sites and web pages. Mixx and Yahoo Buzz were still contributing content...