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  1. Insights From 7th Graders About Google, Smartphones, Panda, Privacy & Paid Search

    Did Steve Jobs or Bill Gates ever reach out to you? A: {Choking as I take a sip of water…} No, Steve or Bill never reached out to me, although I would have had some important feedback for them. Last spring I had the opportunity to speak with a...

  2. Larry Page & Sergey Brin Grow Richer, Mark Zuckerberg Tumbles in Forbes 400

    Lauren Powell Jobs s Eric Schmidt, with $7.5 billion Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer came in slightly lower, with $15.9 billion and in 19th place. Mark Zuckerberg, who shot past Google co-founders Larry Page of the Richest Americans.

  3. Judge Allows 'No Poaching' Lawsuit Against Google to Proceed

    In February, a 2007 email from former Apple CEO Steve Jobs to Google CEO Eric Schmidt was revealed. In it, Jobs wrote to ask Google to stop recruiting Apple employees, writing, "I would be very pleased if your recruiting department would stop doing...

  4. SOPA Explained: Why It’s Bad for the Web & How to #StopSOPA

    He estimates that intellectual property industries provide 19 million high-paying and accounts for more than 60 percent of American exports, though the number is uncorroborated. Greg Jarboe, president of Internet marketing company SEO-PR...