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Steve Jeeves Ceo

  1. Ask Jeeves Plans to Grow Personnel Ranks in 2006

    AJ's CEO, Steve Berkowitz, tells Berr to look for an increase of about 20% in staffing. Jonathan Berr, reports in The story: Diller Asks Jeeves to Grow, that AJ management has been charged by IAC/InterActive CEO, Barry Diller, to grow...

  2. Ask Jeeves CEO: "We Are Focused on Core Search"

    Search Engine Watch editor Danny Sullivan probed for answers in a recent conversation with Ask Jeeves' CEO Steve Berkowitz. In light of the acquisition of Ask Jeeves by Barry Diller's InterActive Corporation—bringing the number of competing portals...

  3. Ask Jeeves CEO Interviewed, Says Online Scams Could Slow Adoption of Personalized Search Tools

    The article includes several comments from Ask Jeeves CEO, Steve Berkowitz. It's titled: Ask Jeeves warms up search battle. In the interview, Berkowitz says that Ask Jeeves doesn't have a brand awareness problem.