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  1. Digital Data Trends – Search, Social, & Content Fusion

    In terms of content and social media trends, some staggering statistics where shared: billion were spent on content in 2013 (according to Custom Content Council Survey, 43 billion total, 42 percent online).tweets happen per second.billion pieces...

  2. You'll Laugh, Then Cry When You See the Simple Trick This Single Mom Uses to Beat Enterprise SEOs

    The best content for driving long-term value is content that satisfies real needs – answers questions, offers data analysis, provides statistics and research citations. What did you just click on? Look at the ridiculous headline for this column.

  3. Avoid SEO Hype: Why Small Businesses Should Focus on Return on Investment

    For these reasons, small businesses need to be guided by statistics and analytics. These statistics confirm why many small businesses ask for SEO as their first online marketing product, they know this technique has worked for others.

  4. Using the DMAIC Process for SEO Projects

    This is a way to show the process visually and also show statistics that shows which elements of the process are irregular. Conducting SEO projects involves working in a constantly changing environment, an environment where one of the major search...

  5. 11 Must-Measure KPIs for Content Marketing Success

    They cite concepts like social sharing figures and overall traffic, but rarely quote serious engagement statistics to show the value of the content on the site. The search community has always been infatuated with content in one format or another...

  6. Machine Learning Basics for Better Content & SEO Results

    Once the algorithm decides that 80 percent of ravens are likely to be black, it can simply weight its predictions accordingly; a purely probabilistic weighting, based upon statistics. Do you understand what they're capable of learning and how they...

  7. SEO in 2014: How to Prepare for Google's 2014 Algorithm Updates

    Those statistics will probably shift upward, maybe dramatically, after the 2013 holiday season. Major 2013 changes included further releases of Penguin and Panda, Hummingbird taking flight, and the shift away from providing keyword data thanks to...