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  1. 26 Free Must-Have Tools for PPC Success

    Statistical Significance Spreadsheet SplitTester is my favorite free online statistical significance tester. It'll show search volume, create ad groups, and provide demographic data – all in Excel. Excel is necessary to analyze and manipulate PPC...

  2. Machine Learning Basics for Better Content & SEO Results

    Statistical reasoning simply gathers data and analyzes the probabilities of future occurrences following prior observed results. Statistical Reasoning The most common approaches are statistical reasoning and inductive reasoning.

  3. Dissecting Google Penguin 2.0: Why Sites Won or Lost Traffic [Study]

    What MathSight claimed to find was that Penguin 2.0 was really about "low readability" levels of content on a site, and stated that its research was able to uncover with a 95 percent statistical confidence that Penguin targeted factors that include:

  4. Big Data = Big Trouble: How to Avoid 5 Data Analysis Pitfalls

    Using data sets that are too small to suggest a trend or comparing results that are not different enough to have statistical significance. Statistical Significance I first heard the term big data about two years ago, when IBM and HP started running...

  5. As Digital Ad Effectiveness Measurement Improves, Are Branding Ad Dollars Ready to Follow?

    However, new applications that integrate big data sources into traditional effectiveness measurement has opened the door to substantially increased sample sizes, which not only improves the statistical reliability of the reported results, but also...

  6. Landing Page Optimization: How to Identify Testing Opportunities

    Yes, surprisingly 90 percent of advertisers are hitting pause, starting new ads, stopping them – a lot of activity is going on, and if you were to just check your ads to see if there was 95 percent statistical significance in their tests, often...

  7. Pros & Cons of the Top Mobile App Tracking Methods

    Fingerprinting technologies anonymously match a combination of attributes to a device to arrive at a high statistical probability that two events with a similar fingerprint are from the same device. Also, cookie data is lost anytime either the...