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  1. Google App Searches Gmail for Upcoming Bills

    Additionally, when the Google App scrapes your email account and displays information for bills due, upcoming airline tickets, will receive a notice that states "Only you can see this result. What day of the month is the cable bill due?

  2. Deal With the Big Rocks First

    If your site explicitly states a set of common customer problems that lead to product/solution descriptions, then it is more problem-oriented. These methods may only generate lifts of tenths of a percent, but, to many websites, that’s still tens of...

  3. The NSA Has a Hush-Hush Google-Like Search Engine

    The United States National Security Agency (NSA) has its own homegrown search engine that it offers to similarly minded U.S.intelligence outfits. Website The Intercept was first to report this and attributes its news to information provided by...

  4. SEO Strategies for JavaScript-Heavy Single Page Applications or AJAX Sites

    Different states of the application are typically denoted by appending a hashtag to the URL, recognizable by the (#) prefix (e.g. Client-side JavaScript is great for making innovative and user-friendly web sites.

  5. New Google Mobile Alert: Websites Using Flash May Not Work on Your Device

    Additionally, adults in the United States spend an average of 34 hours per month on the Internet on a smartphone and only 27 hours on a desktop. Here's a scenario for you. You're watching television and see the most hilarious commercial about a...

  6. 5 Fast Facts about the EU's Privacy Ruling on Google

    One way or another, this ruling in the EU will energize privacy groups in the U.S.who are hopeful that they too can secure similar rights in the States. The European Court of Justice is equivalent to the United States Supreme Court.