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State York Veto

  1. Social Media Doesn't Stop New York Governor from Signing Bill

    So, it appears the social media campaign launched by Protect Vacation Rentals fell short of convincing Governor Paterson to veto Bill S6873. The Next Two Days May Be Your Last Chance to Urge a Veto of Legislation Blocking Short-Term Apartment...

  2. Will Social Media Get Governor David Paterson of New York to Veto a Bad Bill?

    A brand new group of bed and breakfast hosts, vacation rentals owners, property managers, brokers, and inn keepers called Protect Vacation Rentals is using social media to get Governor David Paterson of New York to veto Bill S6873.

  3. Digging into due diligence

    I think what can be difficult for some FoHFs is where the operational team isn’t given the resources for due diligence.He says it is difficult for an investment team to do operational due diligence properly given other demands on their time, and...

  4. Google Road Kill: Will the Pulitzer Prize Live to Be 100?

    The Wisconsin State Journal Staff was named a finalist for its "persistent, high-spirited campaign against abuses in the governor's veto power. No one describes the Pyrrhic victory of Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL better than SES London and SES New...