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State Farm

  1. Google Bringing Wind-Powered Data Center to Oklahoma

    Google will work with local utilities company Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) to handle the power used by the Canadian Hills wind farm. Google will contract out wind power from Okalahoma wind farm Canadian Hills through way of its local utilities...

  2. Kevin Ryan discusses SES London and SES New York 2008

    His former client roster includes notable brands such as Rolex Watch USA, State Farm Insurance, Farmers Insurance, Minolta Corporation, Samsung Electronics America, Toyota Motor Sales USA, Panasonic Services, and the Hilton Hotels brands.

  3. 2007: A Search Odyssey? Keynote Conversation with Matt Cutts

    When it comes to the cold call e-mails from companies offering tricks to boost ranking in Google – such as the cheesier link farm companies – Cutts makes no bones about the fact that he and others at Google will promptly get in touch with them...