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  1. How to Solicit Feedback from Prospects and Customers

    While my son may be completely satisfied and therefore sees no urgent need to communicate this state of affairs, our customers' lack of feedback may not indicate such a joyous situation. My wife and I are just waking up in a small bed and breakfast...

  2. Oklahoma Uses YouTube TrueView Ads to Boost Tourism for a Song [Case Study]

    She and her colleagues Jennifer Kalkman, Director of Digital Marketing, and Dick Dutton, Director of Travel Promotion, have diverse backgrounds (public affairs, finance, and broadcast television) but pride themselves in thinking and acting as a team.

  3. Thinking About a New Site? How to Set Killer (and Realistic) Goals

    In order to measure how the new site will perform, we need to look at our current state of affairs for cues. There are many steps in a “site migration. If you’re not familiar with the term, a site migration is a project where a new site is being...

  4. Real Names: Google+, Government & The Identity Ecosystem

    The Federal Government commits to collaborate with the private sector; state, local, tribal, and territorial governments; and international governments–and to provide the support and action necessary to make the Identity Ecosystem a reality.

  5. Yahoo Confirms Icahn Proxy Fight

    Evans School of Public Affairs at University of Washington. A University of Michigan graduate with a degree in business administration and a from Columbia University Law School, Shaye is also a Fulbright Scholar, member of the New York...

  6. American Express Advises Clients to Avoid SEO

    Too bad (according to their public affairs contact) they believe SEO is a matter of "opinion. At the PRSA "State of the State of PR" event held in January, search was singled out as the one area that PR people really don't understand.

  7. Your Baby's Ugly - Why You Need Landing Page Optimization Now

    In this sorry state of affairs lies a terrific opportunity - fixing your landing pages can often lead to long-lasting double or even triple digit gains in conversion rate. All new parents think their drooling, wailing, wrinkled little midget is...