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Starr Report

  1. LookSmart Launches Local Search, Plans Directory Expansion

    For example, a search for "bill clinton" brings up matches from the Starr Report and President Bill Clinton categories. LookSmart has unveiled localized directories for 65 cities or major metropolitan areas in the United States, which are available...

  2. Ask Jeeves: Asking Questions To Give You Answers

    Likewise, a search for "kenneth starr" might be associated with "monica lewinsky" and "bill clinton. From The Search Engine Report November 4, 1998 (a longer version is available to site subscribers) One of the biggest problems that search services...

  3. He Said What? Clinton Video Search Available

    It seemed everyone had copies of the Starr Report posted online last month, which was great in terms of accessibility. But what really impressed me was the ability to search through portions of President Clinton's video testimony at AltaVista.