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Starbucks Coffee

  1. Writing Your Way to the Top of Search and Social Results

    Take Starbucks as an example - you might be writing for Sally Sales Executive who is a frequent coffee customer looking for reliable Wi-Fi and a temporary desk with a latte on the side. Both are possible personas for Starbucks, but both require two...

  2. News Picks: Starbucks Big On Facebook, EarlyBird & Disney, Facebook Ownership Lawsuit

    It's official, coffee chain Starbucks is now the biggest brand on Facebook, as it now counts over 10 million fans. Starbucks Biggest Brand On Facebook InsideFacebook, which keeps statistics on Starbucks on the social platform, said the chain's...

  3. Social Media Madness - The Final Four

    Key wins: Has the backing of Starbucks' CEO Howard Schultz, which may be why the name is closely related to coffee. Coach: CEO and Chief Roaster Shirish Nadkarni enjoys his coffee in Bellevue, Washington.