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  1. The Smart Way to Optimize Your Amazon Sales Strategy

    Any deviations from these high standards can cost you more than just negative feedback; processing a return or reshipment does cost some money too. But with intense competition and multiple sellers, it takes some creativity to stand out and grow...

  2. Bing Denies Censoring Search Results, Blames 'Glitch'

    In doing so, Bing has extremely high standards that respect human rights, privacy and freedom of expression. Microsoft has been forced to deny that its Bing search engine is censoring some results for users across the world.

  3. We Love Google, We Love Google Not: 6 SEO-Inspired Valentine's Day Quotes

    No one will tell you to settle for a spouse, but when it comes to keywords and traffic sources, get ready to lower your standards and broaden the sea you're fishing in. Love the Hallmark Holiday or hate it, at the very least it's one of the top...

  4. 7 Content Marketing Tips to Recover From Google Penguin

    Set very high content standards, and define a very clear brand personality and tone. Even though Penguin isn't technically a penalty (it's an algorithm update), it's certainly no exception. Unfortunately, there are so many posts about link removal...

  5. Matt Cutts Says 'Stop' Guest Blogging for SEO: Here's Everything You Need to Know

    That said, it's always a good idea for a site owner employing multiple authors to regularly do quality audits on the writers and ensure that the quality is living up to your standards in terms of content and to also check the quality of any...

  6. Sponsored Article: Online Video Advertising - Entering Our Teenage Years

    Furthermore, we can see the path to success and have established rules and standards to get us there. But even though it’s bigger and stronger, it’s still in its awkward teens. It must grow up as an industry and prove that digital video is just as...

  7. Matt Cutts on How to Guest Blog Without Looking Like a Spammer to Google

    Many guest blogs don't have the highest of standards, and could be seen as paid links in the eyes of Google, rather than a legitimate way to gain exposure and direct traffic. There's a lot of speculation about the value of guest blogging.

  8. Oklahoma Uses YouTube TrueView Ads to Boost Tourism for a Song [Case Study]

    As Executive Director, Deby Snodgrass led a team that revels in pushing aside stodgy industry standards in favor of effective new strategy. What do most people know about Oklahoma? They probably know the title song from "Oklahoma!