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St Paul

  1. Google Offers Free & Discounted Wi-Fi at U.S. Malls, Airports

    Paul International Airport (MSP) Minneapolis-St. St. Lambert-St. Google and Boingo Wireless are teaming up to offer free Wi-Fi at eight U.S.malls and discounted access in 16 major airports across the U.S.

  2. Google Earnings, Earnings Whispers, and What In the World?

    Paul's capital expenditures (CapEx) comment came pre-call just after Google announced earnings results to the media (and the world): But first: the biggest dissappointment was the early departure of Paul Kedrosky of Infectious Greed fame who had to...

  3. Top ten stories from SES New York – Day 2

    Paul Miller of ZDNet's The Semantic Web says, “New York-based semantic search company hakia will today use the Search Engine Strategies Conference to announce that their Ontological Semantic technology, OntoSem, is available for licensing.

  4. Google: The Spy Who Loved Me

    Varian's position auction paper (pdf); BBC News on Moore's Law; Paul Seabright (Professor of Economics, University of Toulouse, France); Dr. Varian's NY Times energy article; another Freakonomics blog post; WebMD, Revolution Health, and Paul...

  5. Yahoo Targets Google, Yellow Pages with New Local Search

    Local content represents a $100 billion offline market," said Paul Levine, General Manager, Yahoo Local. For example, a search for coffee at 301 S Market St San Jose, CA shows a number of coffee shops within a block or so of the San Jose Marriott...

  6. Google Dance Case Studies

    Jeffrey Rohrs, my search engine legal issues panel guru for Search Engine Strategies, passed along this search to check out that he heard about from Paul Elliott of Things Remembered. However, the new informational content isn't very helpful...

  7. Search Engines Are Dead Discussion Posts

    Paul J. Paul J. Bruemmer 805-965-0543 ClientDirect Division Farnam St. For background, please see: Search Engines Are Dead Discussion The Search Engine Report, Dec. Note: If any participants in the discussion below prefer not to...